Friday, June 10, 2011

Feelin' the Burn...

...and I'm loving it!!

D and I have always tried to be "health-minded", but working out is something we have both really struggled with. I cook several nights a week, and I am always looking for ways to "lighten up" recipes to make sure our food is healthy. I am also doing pretty darn good using natural, fresh ingredients. We don't do the whole frozen pizza thing anymore, and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. 

D broke down and joined a gym right across the street from his work so he can go and workout on his lunch breaks. Well, gee, I can't let him show me up. ;)

<-- I decided to start here. Now that I am out of work for the summer, I figured I should be able to motivate myself enough to commit to 20 minutes, at least 3 times a week.

First of all, this DVD is a butt-kicking! You should really expect that since Jillian's hot bod is plastered on the front.

Yes, it's only 20 minutes, but you had better be prepared to work your tush off (isn't that the point?) for the entire 20 minutes. Haha, it's no joke, people!!

Point is, I have only done this twice. Once was with my sister. 

I am finding that I don't quite have the motivation to workout when I am alone. I can just turn the video off, or stand there and watch Jillian do all the work. ;)

Well, obviously that's not doing me any good!

THANK THE LORD for the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas. 

Since I am a card-holding American Indian (yes, that's super cool), I can take advantage of their facilities for f.r.e.e.

(BTW, since I'm sure you are all dying to know... I'm part of the Potawatomi tribe)

What does this facility offer? Workouts with a personal trainer. 

OH YES! Someone to help motivate me, encourage me, and keep me from hopping off the Elliptical before the set program is over. 

This was my first week going, and I am in looooooove!!! This guy totally whoops our butts, and the next day (sometimes that same afternoon) I can hardly move, but I LOVE it! I find myself excited to go back and even catch myself checking the clock all morning to see if it's almost time to go train!!!

Even cooler - both my sisters, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin have been going as well. Our family is a real HOOT, so we all encourage each other and make each other laugh the whole way through it. 

It's giving me more energy, and also giving me the motivation to get my butt moving even on days that I don't meet with the trainer. In addition to 3 days with the trainer, I have done the Jillian video once, and also did some time on the elliptical (which TOTALLY worked out some of my soreness!!).  

If I wasn't such a wuss, I would post my weight and measurements here so you all could help me track my progress... but, uh, I don't know if I am quite ready for that!!! Maybe at the end of the summer I will share my starting and ending points so you can see the difference.

Either way, I am PSYCHED about this opportunity and I am loving every minute of these sore, sore muscles. Healthy me is on the way!!!! :) I will keep ya posted on my progress!



Good for you. I am SO impressed.

Tiffani Rose

I am so glad that we are doing this as a group! It makes it easier to stay motivated!

anthony stemke

You are doing a very positive thing, best wishes to you and your spouse.


Hey, I like free stuff. Why can't I be Native American? Honestly, how many generations must I go back to prove that I was born in this country. Seriously though, congrats are trying to get into shape. I haven't been to the Gym since my oldest was born. I really need to lose 25 pounds. I considered chopping off a leg but then I wouldn't look good in skinny jeans.
Take care. m.


I'm hopping around! Come follow me too?


Good for you girl! I can totally relate! I have no desire to work out unless I have a buddy to workout with. And let me tell you, I need to get my booty in shape!


That is GREAT!!! I am so happy for you. Working out is a huge stress relief for me, I'm sure it will be for you too! Plus that is soo cool you can go for free - and too cool you're a "card carrying" American Indian - jealous. I have no cool cultural background, boring! That is so cool. Sounds like fun!! I am the opposite - I eat like total crap (desserts mandatory) and just love working out so it balances out. I need to take a page out of your book!

Lily Boxing

I use the 30 Day Shred as my standby when I really don't want to hit the gym. It works if you stick with it. Newest follower!

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