Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Weekend Fun!

Enjoy this fireworks photo that I snagged from Pinterest, because it's the only quality one you're gonna get! I was a major failure at getting pictures of our fireworks extravaganza. Who can blame me? It's WAY much more fun to help set off the fireworks than to stand around with a camera.

Friday night, we began my honey's birthday weekend by having dinner at one of our favorite local Mexican places in downtown Carrollton. I tried something new - the "light enchiladas" - and they were AMAZING! Chicken and spinach enchiladas in a poblano cream sauce, served with cilantro lime rice. YUM! Agave Azul Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar is a MUST try if you live in the North Dallas area!

We started off our real July 4th/Hubby's birthday celebration by spending Saturday at the pool with D's family. Apparently all of us ladies shop for our pool/beach necessities at the same store... there were 4 of us with the exact same pool bag in different colors!

D also got a lovely ukulele for his birthday and was practicing it most of the weekend... swoon! 
I love his ukulele; it looks like it has a henna tattoo!

We started Sunday off with our usual bowling routine... I bowled a 199!! WHAT??? 4 strikes in a row?? Don't believe me? Here's proof. ;)

To end our day Sunday, we headed out to the country to enjoy the holiday with my sister and some amazing friends!

I was in charge of the red, white, and blue margaritas... but you know me, I had to lighten it up and make them my own! So instead of buying strawberry puree, margarita ingredients, and blue curaco, I made them "skinny"! I bought fresh strawberries, hulled them, and put them in a container with a little bit of sugar sprinkled over them. The next morning, they had developed their own simple syrup... into the blender they go! I also bought Skinnygirl Margarita to save on calories, then floated fresh blueberries on the top... YUM!

Since it was out in the country, we got to shoot off our own fireworks without worrying about getting into trouble! It was a BLAST! I was looking forward to getting some cool firework shots with my awesome camera, but like I said earlier, it just didn't happen! But here are a couple okay shots I did snap in the beginning.

We had an AWESOME weekend and David had an amazing birthday. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives to celebrate with!

Now it's time to enjoy San Francisco!! I am typing this post from our hotel room... we arrived here around 11:00 PM, so I really should be heading to bed! I am excited, though, this place has a sweeeet fitness center so I can keep up with my workouts!

Oh, and guess where our first meal in San Francisco was (mostly because not much else was open)?

I wonder how many more times I will have to eat there before the week's out!



Happy Birthday to the hubby, Happy 4th of July, Happy vacation.....hope you continue to have a blast.

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