Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fitness Frustration

I came across this today on my new favorite site, Pinterest
Haha, I needed this truth today! I am trying soveryhard not to get frustrated with this weight loss thing. I am not focusing on a number on the scale... but I sure do wish I could see a difference there!

I have been working out with the personal trainer for about 4 weeks now. I realize a month isn't much time, but I have stayed in the exact same place on the scale the whole time. I know that I am building heavier muscle than the fat I am burning. I know that my clothes are fitting differently, even if the scale doesn't show it.

I am also counting calories and drinking tons of water. I already cook using fresh, healthy ingredients and lighten up recipes in every way I can. Is it too much to ask to see that scale dip just a little?? ;) I know it will happen soon, I am just READY!

Regardless, I FEEL GREAT! I worked out with the trainer four times this week, and I can feel my body getting stronger. Things I could barely do the first couple weeks are becoming easier, and I am PUMPED about it! 

I get to tag along with D to San Francisco next week (business trip for him, fun for me!!), so I am a little bummed about missing out with the trainer. BUT the hotel does have a nice gym, so while my honey works I better MOVE! :)




I am soo happy for you in your in your fitness endeavor! Do you feel great? I know the weight loss is a nice side effect but man those endorphins are killer. I gotta get back on that treadmill today. I'm sure you're building muscle too which weighs more as I'm sure you know. So fun you get to travel with the hubby. I wish we lived in the same area and we could power walk together!


Stopped by from the blog hop and now a new follower of your blog thru GFC. I did not see a Facebook badge so I was not able to follow that. If I missed something just let me know and I will come back. I would love a follow back when you have some free time to catch up. Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July!!



These abdominal exercise machines provide an aerobic exercise workout with out having to have nay high impact exercises. You are going to burn fat and calories twice as fast as you do with other exercisers out there since it is actually incorporating your entire body, not just your lower half.


scale schmale, I hate those things yet I am addicted. I weigh myself at least twice a day (sometimes more). I just can't help myself. I know everyone says to base it more on the way your clothes fit and take measurements, but there is something about that scale where I desperately want to see the numbers go down. I'm sure you will see a difference on the scale soon especially since you can already feel it in your clothes - well done :)

WOW, 4 times a week with the trainer, that is fantastic. I actually had a dream last night that I got to work out with The Commando - he's one of the trainers on OZ Biggest Loser. He's ex-military and his style of training is climbing over things crawling under things in the mud. He actually wakes contestants up at 2am and takes them outside to train and if it's not raining he hoses them and turns the ground to mud, just for them - a real treat!

When my shoulders are on fire doing the Shred I will think of you going through 4 sessions a week with your trainer cause I am sure more than just your shoulders are burning. Thanks for the tip about them getting easier and then burning again.

I love your intro as well about taking more than a day so move. I think I will have to check out pinterest.

Jessica Renee

Wow you are doing amazing!!! I need to take some tips from you! Have fun in San Francisco! :)


I know, I'm late with my Commenting. We were at the beach all weekend so I'm just catching up now.
Congrats on the weight loss. I really need to do something myself. I keep talking and talking but still I do nothing. m.

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