Friday, December 3, 2010

My Affair with Online Shopping

I love this time of year for many, many reasons and one of them is a normal girly reason... I love to shop! The problem is, while I love window shopping as a form of "retail therapy", I cannot stand getting out into the stores during Christmas season. It's always a madhouse, and so many RUDE people forget the reason for the season and are real Scrooges, no matter what! Couple that with the fact that the slightest change in weather makes Texans forget how to drive, and almost any shopping experience turns into a headache... lovely Christmas music playing in the background or not.
My answer to all of this... online shopping. :) I have been an Amazon advocate since my first year in college... I really can't get enough of it! I love being able to surf the web from the comfort of my couch, find an awesome deal, get free shipping, and have it show up on my doorstep a few days later. I know, I know, so many people are cautious about shopping online. With all the identity theft and credit card fraud that goes on, I can completely understand the hesitancy. For that reason, I usually won't order from just any website... but I have found that Amazon is a secure and reliable place to order from. I also won't usually buy clothing items online; you just never know how well they will fit!
Other than the couple of gift cards we are giving this year, ALL of mine and David's Christmas shopping was done on Amazon. And guess what? They are already wrapped and under the tree. Which means I can REALLY enjoy my holiday instead of trucking around town to every store in the Christmas crowds to try and track down the best deal on that thingamabob that so-and-so really wants this year.
Knock on wood... I have never had a problem with Amazon. There was even one occasion, about 5 years ago, when UPS dropped my Amazon order on the front porch of our old house... a house with no blinds, furniture, or ANYTHING indicating that people actually live there. Of course, the package was stolen. It was a few DVD sets for David's birthday. They weren't cheap, I was so upset, and UPS wouldn't do a darn thing. I called Amazon, but didn't figure they would be able to do much since it was technically my fault that it got sent to the old address (I forgot to change my default shipping address with the move). Not only did they replace the whole order for free, they upgraded it to 1-day shipping, no charge, to make sure I could still give it to Dave on his birthday.
So now I am sold. Online shopping is for me. :) I don't at all feel like I am missing out on something by choosing not to brave the stores this holiday season. Plus, no shopping headaches. :) For me, it doesn't get much better than that! The only real problem I can see with my love for Amazon is that sometimes it is hard to refrain from logging in and getting something I really want or want for someone else, even if there isn't an occasion to merit it! I guess moderation and self-control really do apply to all things in life! ;) Happy Holidays!!


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