Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Puppy Pound :)

We are watching Tiff and Marco's dogs this week while they are out of town. They are such sweet, well-behaved pups, so we knew this was going to be fun! I do NOT know how people keep numerous pets, I will tell you that! Our two are a handful enough... having 4 dogs around the house these past 5 days makes me feel like I am running a boarding house, haha! They all are getting along so well, and I am grateful for that. It's funny, though, Dexter has to be sure and assert his dominance as the alpha male... he is trying to be such a bully! Luckily, he's a tiny little turd and while the other 2 won't cross him, they know they don't have much to be afraid of either!!
Molly and Miles look out for each other so well, and even share a kennel. It's so cute! Their kennel is quite a bit bigger than Dex's since they share, and Dex has had his eye on their "upgraded" model. ;) Tiff and Marco forgot to bring Molly and Miles' bed, so they have been sleeping in their kennel. It has been so cold at night, so after their first night with us, I put one of my blankets down in the their kennel to make it a little warmer and more cozy. That was all the invitation Dex needed to try and take over! I guess since he smelled "home" on that blanket, he was all of sudden ok with trying to steal their kennel! I couldn't keep him out of it! He would even crawl in with Molly and Miles would just sit outside and cry like, "what about me, guys???" The next night, we are about to get into bed so I tell Miles and Molly to go to their cage. Molly goes right in and guess where Miles goes... straight into Dexter's kennel. "Well, if that mean ole dog can take MY kennel, I am taking his!!" It was really precious! We let him sleep there all night... I bet Molly and Miles felt like they were in some fancy hotel... each with their own kennel! :)
Both of the dogs are so quiet and mild-mannered, we haven't really had to worry about either of them getting into trouble... until Thanksgiving day! We have been eating around them all week and neither Miles or Molly really tried to beg or take food off of our plates, so we were fine with letting them roam the house while everyone was here for the holiday. We were all sitting around watching the Cowboys game when we hear a crash in the kitchen. The platter of leftover ham and turkey that was sitting on the island is now on the kitchen floor next to a very guilty-looking Molly! Oh no!! ;) I guess I shouldn't have left the plate on the lower level of the island, but I am used to my stumpy-legged little ones that could never reach the counter! Needless to say, it was an eventful moment and we all had a good laugh, but no leftover turkey this year, haha!!!!
It will be nice to get back to normal once Tiff and Marco come by today, but we truly have enjoyed our little visitors! We love watching all 4 of them run and play in the backyard like they are all family visiting for the holidays and just having a blast together! Now if only I could talk my hubby into working on a backyard full of "actual" kiddos ;)...maybe soon!!


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